3 01 2012

People can become inspired by lots of different things. For instance, I once watched a caterpillar as it  began  to form a cocoon. That may sound a bit silly or sappy to some folks , but for me it was a milestone. Nature at its finest… really can make you start to evaluate things, and just maybe, put things into perspective. Over the years I have been inspired by several things and several people and since I believe in “Paying it Forward” , I would like to share a few of those people. Hope you don’t mind, stop reading if you do!

Simple is not my thing, so I will be elaborating a little on what I think is special about these folks as I go. First up…. Shelly Picarella. How could I not begin with her? I can personally say she is chasing her dreams, to the ends of the earth if she has too! One conversation with her and you will see that she is pure intoxication. I’m not talking infatuation (although she is a looker!). She has this presence about her, that makes people around her want to get fired up, work harder, and reach a new height on the “Potential Ladder”. Maybe even create a new rung. She inspires me daily with her wit and sarcastic charm. Shelly is a mover and a shaker, getting things done. Check out her website and follow her on twitter. I promise she won’t be disappointing.

I have started to talk with several writers on social media sites. A few stand out ahead of the pack. Ironically, most of them are part of an anthology called “Seven Deadly Sins” .  Headed up by Shelly Picarella. The idea, alone, is golden! Adult fables by seven authors, each one different from the last, all telling a story about an individual sin. All  from different walks of life that encompass four or five genres, in other words, something for everybody! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Stephen Penner can write in several genres, without skipping a beat. His attention to detail and plot are impeccable. I get the feeling there is not much this man can’t do. Move right on to an enchanting author like Vickie Adair , another multi-genre talented writer. She has wonderful energy and is the queen of spreading the love around. Check her out here, also —>(@AuthorSuggests).

Next on my “hit list”, a must follow, A. T. Russell. This man is very inspiring to me. Mr. Russell has a passion for his craft and staying true too his characters. Love everything I read from him. You can tell that he wants to polish what he does till it shines, A true craftsmen.  Tymothy Longoria has both energy and passion to spare. When your down his, self induced, positive affirmation will pick you right back up!  Mrs. Dawn Kirby is pure sweetness. Funny, witty, all around joy to interact with. She has a few things brewing. Ask her about them. Diana Ilinca  is a corky little power house, just try to keep up with her!

A personal favorite of mine, aside from the sinners, is Mr. Wolf Scott. He is another one that “Pays it Forward” daily. I enjoy his blog and his personality. He is a lot of fun.

Last but not least…. my oldest daughter. The girl is just like me in so many ways. Olivia is super talented at everything she aspires to do! From violin, singing, writing, drawing and even Mock Trial, she excels. She makes me so proud everyday.

I don’t think I truly let her know how much she inspires me.


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