Writer’s Process Anyone??

15 12 2011

I have decided to try my luck at writing a story. At this point it is not very far along. I am toying with an idea that has been setting there for a while, kind of nagging at me. Pretty sure a lot of you can understand that feeling. I have to admit I am a little scared of sharing to much of it. Anxiety, self-doubt and just plain afraid it is going to suck! Now, I am not saying any of this to garner a list of encouragements and compliments. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not intending to sound hateful. I am, however, planning to use my blog to chronicle some of my feelings and ideas as they, hopefully, flourish.

Now, with all that being said… Whew! What I am most interested in is the way other writers process. How do their ideas come out on paper? Currently, I used this process:

*Start writing, see how it is flowing.

This filled in a little bit of the gaps for me.

*Fell back, around 800 words in and started

Character maps.

* Did 3 of my key characters and started writing again.

*Stopped around 1500 words did 3 more character maps.

Portions of my plot are still in fruition so I have yet to write my entire plot down.

Now, that is what I have done so far. The best thing I like about that process  is the way my characters seem to have more substance. I can easily look back to see descriptions and personal details about them as I write. When I evolve a character further, I have been updating their character map. The listing of my plot will come next, sometime in the next 300-500 words.

I have heard that a synopsis of the story, as a whole, is the first thing to do. That was not working for me.

Comments are welcome. I would seriously love to see how some of you get from point A to point B.

If you are interested in a little of what I wrote: Click Here




3 responses

28 12 2011

I don’t know how other writers do it, but I have a binder full of plots. When I’m past the point of premise, I outline it by chapter on my bigass sketch pad. From there, I have a road map. Whilst writing, details form and I can get to the real flesh I didn’t even realize was there. Under my nurturing care, it gets fat. Really fat. In which, during the editing process, I should chop off some of it. But instead I add more. It’s kind of messed up. Here comes literary heart disease…

28 12 2011

“Here comes literary heart disease…” Ha, I love it!

31 12 2011

Yeah, if I don’t plot it out and know how it will end, I can’t start writing it.

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